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Micheal Landguth Honored with Plentl Award

From the award presentation:

Tonight, I stand here to celebrate the remarkable achievements and contributions to our 2024 Willard G Plentl award recipient, Micheal Landguth, President and CEO of Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority. Throughout his tenure, Micheal has not only led with distinction but has become a mentor and example to countless airport leaders around the state.

Prior to joining RDU, Mr. Landguth served as chief executive officer and president of the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority after also holding the position of director of airport operations within the organization. He holds both bachelor and masters degrees in Aeronautical Sciences from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

When Michael isn’t navigating record growth in the skies, he can be found maneuvering the waters of Lake Michigan on a jet ski. He steers away from making basketball predictions but as a longtime Denver Broncos fan, he enjoys watching football and counts John Elway among the people he’d most like to share a meal with. Michael is also a proud grandfather whose favorite pastime is spending time with his wife, daughters and grandson.

One of Mr. Landguth’s notable accomplishment has been his unwavering commitment to securing funding for airport development in North Carolina. Under his visionary leadership, state funding for airport development has skyrocketed from a mere $20 million in 2014 to an astounding $450 million in 2024. This exponential growth in funding underscores his dedication to enhancing the infrastructure and capabilities of our state’s airports, ensuring they remain at the forefront of aviation excellence.

Furthermore, Mr. Landguth has been instrumental in shaping the future trajectory of Raleigh-Durham International Airport through the development of Vision 2040, a comprehensive 25 year master plan for growth.

Mr. Landguth’s collaborative spirit and ability to mobilize support have been instrumental in driving these expansions at RDU. Through partnerships with local, state and federal officials, as well as other key stakeholders, Mr. Landguth has successfully garnered the necessary resources and backing to propel RDU’s growth and development initiatives forward.

In a significant milestone for RDU, Mr. Landguth broke ground on the new primary runway in October 2023, marking a pivotal moment in the airport’s expansion efforts.

As we reflect on Micheal Landguth’s remarkable achievements and leadership, it is evident that his impact extends beyond the confines of RDU.


To nominate someone for the Willard G. Plentl Jr. Award, visit the award page here.