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NCAA Committee Assignments & Goals 2021-2022

Much of the work of the North Carolina Airports Association is conducted by the membership serving on the various committees. The table below contains the current list of committees and the members who are currently serving in the committee roles. These appointments are updated annual and as positions change due to personnel moves.

A note from Mark Davidson, President
The committee plan for the upcoming year follows the same successful path established several years ago and maintains significant continuity with the prior year. Below is a slate of committee assignments and recommended goals. The committees are asked to review and revise their goals, if necessary, to reflect the ever changing environment.


Conference Committee

  • Chair        John Ferguson

                     Mark Davidson

                     John Coon

                     Lisa Edwards

  • Subcommittee: Conference Sponsorship

                     Jeff Perry, Chair

                     Lisa Edwards

                     Dirk Vanderleest

  • Conference student participation

                     Gage King

  • Annual goals:

    1. Plan conference agenda
    2. Recruit sponsors for the conference
    3. Recruit speakers & moderators for the conference
    4. Execute successful conference

Membership Committee

(new 2021)
  • Chair        Chris White

                     Peter Cevallos

                     John Coon


  • Annual goals:
    1. Review and Recommend Updates to the Membership Structure (Categories/Dues/Bylaws)
    2. Review and Recommend Updates to Member Benefits and Engagement Activities
    3. Increases Membership and Airport Representation

Finance Committee

  • Chair       Eddie Madden

                    Mark Davidson

                    John Ferguson


  • Annual goals:
    1. Review monthly financial statements & reconciliations
    2. Review invoices/bills and provide email approval to pay
    3. Provide signatory services, as needed (Eddie & Lisa)
    4. Contribute summary of year-end finances for a year-end annual report

Audit Committee

  • Chair           John Coon

                        John Ferguson (in preparation for year as president)

  • Annual goals:

    1. Annual review of financial statements
    2. Determine & implement acceptable audit process at end of the year
    3. Committee to research outside audit firm to perform every other year audit
    4. Present completed audit to the board

Nominating Committee

  • Chair            Chris White

                         Dan Danieley

                         Toney Coleman

  • Annual goals:

    1. Determine skills/regions needed for representation on the board
    2. Solicit, Recruit, review and recommend nominations for upcoming year’s board positions
    3. Committee to develop guideline for nominations to the board for inclusion and diversity
    4. Bring forth a slate of nominations at the appropriate time

Workshop Planning Committee

  • Region One: (Chair) Kim W. (Bill) Hopper, Gage King, Howie Franklin

  • Region Two: Ron Jewett (Chair), Bob Heuts, Phil Lanier

  • Region Three: Peter Cevallos (Chair), Dirk Vanderleest, Jeff Perry

  • Annual goals:

    1. Determine dates and locations for region meetings
    2. Plan meaningful topics for region meetings / recruit speakers (coordinate with business manager, NCDOT and NCAirTAP)
    3. Create and implement plan to increase participation among the airport membership

Legislative Committee

  • Co-chair      Chris White - State

  • Co-chair     John Coon - Federal

                        Dan Danieley

                        Bill Hopper

                        Bob Heuts

  • Annual goals:

    1. Stay informed about state and federal legislative issues that affect or may affect NC airports (GA and commercial service) – each co-chair to report at board meetings
    2. Report such issues at each board meeting
    3. Work with business manager to coordinate email updates to the membership for hot topics, if warranted, to promote unified advocacy.
    4. Develop and implement plan for a legislative day (or a different strategy to collectively advocate) during a time when congress is in session, and communicate to the board and membership.
    5. Develop a recommendation regarding continuation of NCAA’s participation in use of lobbyist, and give recommendation at the meeting prior to the end of our current contract.
    6. Develop and Recommend a Legislative Agenda & Strategy

Scholarship/Educational Foundation Committee

  • Chair               John Ferguson

                            Jeff Perry

                            Gage King

  • Annual goals:

    1. Plan & implement scholarship fundraisers for the conference:
      • Silent Auction
      • 50/50 Raffle
      • Others
    2. Work with business manager to solicit applications for scholarships
    3. Evaluate applications, recommend recipients to the board
    4. Present scholarships to recipients at annual conference
    5. Develop news release about recipients (work with strategic development committee)
    6. To increase exposure of NCAA to NC Aviation Management colleges by promoting attendance and participation of students and instructors at NCAA events
    7. Review possibility of Co-ops at airports in addition to scholarships

Handbook Review Committee

  • Chair            Toney Coleman

                         Phil Lanier

                         Bobby Walston - advisory / point of contact for NCDOT DOA


  • Annual goals:

    1. Develop a process to review and update the NCAA Handbook.
    2. Set a timeline for completion.
    3. Work with the NCDOT Division of Aviation to update.

Executive Committee

  • Chair           Mark Davidson

                         Eddie Madden

                         John Ferguson

                         John Coon
                         Chris White


    Annual goals:

    1. Continue to analyze and evolve the way the NCAA tells its story & the positive impacts of airports throughout the year
      • News releases – topics & process
      • Annual report – on website and at conference
    2. Work with legislative committee to support communication and advocacy efforts
    3. Analyze and recommend action for any marketing opportunities that arise.
    4. In consultation with the Business Manager develop and propose an annual operating budget.
    5. Recommend enhancements to online communications tools including website, social media etc.
    6. Develop and recommend any additional strategic development goals for the upcoming year, based upon the organization’s mission to strengthen North Carolina airports through legislative advocacy, professional growth, and by promoting the positive impacts of airports.