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About Us


The mission of the NC Airports Association is to elevate the success of North Carolina airports.


The mission of the NC Airports Association is to strengthen North Carolina airports through legislative advocacy, professional growth, and by promoting the positive impacts of airports. The NCAA also administers an aviation scholarship program.

The NC Airports Association is a not-for-profit organization consisting of Executive, Professional, Affiliate and Honorary members. Currently, there are 72 publicly owned and publicly operated airports in the NC Statewide Aviation System. Of these 72 airports, 10 are air carrier airports providing service to commercial or regularly scheduled airlines in addition to serving the interest of general aviation. The remaining 62 are General Aviation facilities that service private and corporate aviation. The goal of the association is to assist in providing the finest airports and service available anywhere. 


The NC Airports Association is led by a board of directors. 

Each board member serves in their appointed position for a one year term.  If a board member is nominated to the secretary position, the board member serves in the appointed position for one year and then succeeds to the next higher position on the board.  If you are interested in becoming an NCAA board member, please click on the link to apply. Board appointments are made to the membership one month prior to the annual meeting which is held at the NCAA annual conference.

The current board is listed with photos on the Board of Directors page.


  • To investigate, study, discuss and recommend improvement in and the application of more efficient methods of airport management and administration.
  • To provide a forum within which airport officials may exchange information, ideas and experiences and consult with their peers.
  • To collect, compile and distribute to airport officials information about airports and the management and administration of airport affairs.
  • To provide the General Assembly of North Carolina and the public with information necessary for and pertinent to management and administration of airport affairs and oppose legislation injurious thereto.
  • To do any and all things necessary and proper to assist airports in the management and administration of their affairs.


The activities of the NC Airports Association are in large part coordinated by member-staffed committees. These committees are listed on the Committees page along with the current committee appointments.