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NCAA Presents Legislative Leadership Awards

Delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, NCAA presented the 2020 Legislative Leadership Awards in March... read more

NCAA Legislative Group Event

President's Message

Legislative Priorities

Legislative Support Pledge


The NCAA maintains a legislative affairs initiative in order to support policies that positively impact aviation in North Carolina and the US. The NCAA emphasizes the following policy priorities:

  • reducing burdensome regulations that do not enhance safety, efficiency and financial stability;
  • preserving secure access to airports and airspace, and;
  • communicate the economic contribution of aviation in NC to local, state and national lawmakers.
NCAA Legislative Priorities for 2021 
  • Maintain/Grow Capital Funding for Airport Infrastructure and Debt Financing 
  • Promote Value of Aviation with Legislators & Staff 
    • Secure and Expand State Revenue Source(s) Used for Airport Funding
      • RAC Tax Revenues Being Considered for Highway Use
        • RAC tax only represents .3% of the total $2.5B in taxes generated 
      • Fuel Taxes, Concession taxes etc., 
    • Ensure DEQ’s PFAS/PFOA Environmental Rule Making is Consistent with Regards to AFFF
      • Any Bans Must Follow Approval and Availability of Replacements 
      • Consistent and Coordinated with EPA Rules and FAA Part 139 
      • Consider AFFF Take Back/Buy Back Program for Airports and Structural Fire Departments (MI & MA) 
    • Law Enforcement Jurisdiction for Airport LEOs
      • Airport LEOs Do Not have ETJ, But Threats to Aviation Extend Beyond the Fence 
      • Cannot be “Fixed” by Local Action 
    • Ground Transportation Issues (Turo & TNCs) that Impact Airport Revenue and Curbside Management 


Federal Legislative Update
Congress recently passed the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriation Act (CRRSAA) which includes $2B to support the nation’s airports. The FAA is quickly establishing the Airport Coronavirus Response Grant Program to distribute the funds to primary and non-primary airports. More details to come.