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This year a group of representatives from NCAA and member airports visited members of the General Assembly to share information from NCDOT’s 2021 State of Aviation Report emphasizing the $61B impact airports have the economy as well as the impact their support has on airports. The NCAA also presented Senator McInnis and Representative Saine the 2020 NCAA Aviation Leadership Awards for their continued support of the aerospace industry in North Carolina.  We would like to thank all of you for your continued participation and support during this year’s legislative visits and a special thanks to Julie Wilsey of ILM and the Kilpatrick Townsand team for your hard work putting this together. The groups presented general and specific information to help personalize the data and convey the positive outcomes their support has generated. There were many questions about the effects of the pandemic and discussions about the role airports will play in helping to shape North Carolina’s post COVID recovery.  Based on the responses it appears positive for continued financial support for airports. Our team is also monitoring legislative activities to ensure airport voices are heard on wide ranging issues from ground transportation to compatible land use. Below is a list of those legislators or staff that met with the NCAA group in addition to the meny members visited by individual airports. Many of those visited represent appropriations or transportation chairs. Funding and legislative affairs as we all know is a marathon, so your continued support and participation is crucial.

Sen. Berger
Dan Gurley (Speaker Moore’s office)
Sen. Brent Jackson
Sen. McInnis
Sen. Sawyer
Rep. Bumgardner
Rep. Arp
Don d’Ambrosi (Rep Arp’s office)
Rep. Shepard
Rep. Iler
Rep. Saine