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RDU Moves Forward with Airport Sustainability Action

from North Carolina Skybrief:

The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority is committed to achieving a sustainable future for the airport, and the community it calls home. Did you know Terminal 1 is LEED certified, or that RDU was the first public entity in the Research Triangle to deploy zero-emission electric transit buses?
   Recently, RDU’s board of directors approved a policy committing the Authority to act in a sustainable manner by considering long-term environmental, economic, social and operational impacts in decision-making processes.
     RDU’s first Sustainability Management Plan will provide a roadmap for the integration of environmental sustainability into planning, design, construction, operations, maintenance and business operations. Focus areas include energy usage, waste management and recycling, emissions inventory, water consumption, community engagement and more.
Read about RDU’s Sustainability Management Plan here.